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Rainbow Hut

Early Learning

Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre provides a nourishing environment wherein children are encouraged, looked-after, and taught to unleash their full potential.

We offer developmental experiences to children in a safe environment where they can engage themselves in a range of fun and learning activities whilst being comfortable. Our purpose-built facilities cater to children in and around Prestons, aged from 0 to 7 years.

The staff at Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre is committed to make the space nurturing for children and contribute to their overall development by adopting mindful practices. Together we aim to make a difference, so that children in and around Prestons can embrace their interests, explore an array of activities and be a part of a diverse culture that we are proud of.

We offer various programs under the umbrella of Rainbow Hut Early Learning, including School Readiness Program, providing language lessons for Mandarin & Hindi through songs, games and stores, and interactive learning via technology, videos, apps, etc.

All these programs have been meticulously put together, to generate curiosity amongst children and incline them towards fun learning that helps them grow and builds them up for the school. We value multiculturalism, diversity, and respect individual beliefs and ensure that the children are surrounded by positivity always.

Rest assured these adorable and precious beings will be in the right hands, at Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre.

Feel free to have a look at our programs and contact us for more information!

Our programs

Our aim is to enhance and build capacities to ensure that your children are ready to face what’s in store for them when they start school! We offer a range of fun-learning activities that are designed appropriately to help them grow.

Early Years Learning Framework
The Early Years Learning Framework is a guide to supporting and nurturing young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, and their transition to school.Read More »
School Readiness Program
Our school readiness program is designed and structured as per the curriculum to help prepare your child for school.Read More »
Our experienced early childhood educators utilise the power of technology to make their learning interactive, engaging and intriguing.Read More »

Our values

  • To work with a positive attitude at all times, and maintain professionalism within the centre
  • To appreciate diversity and meet the needs of the children accordingly
  • To maintain open communication and transparency through and through
  • To regularly update our knowledge, and mediums of interactive learning for the betterment of children
  • To practice what we preach and reflect the same in our actions at times whilst creating a respectful environment for the broader community.

Our centre abides by the values, that strengthen the foundation of our establishment and ensure that everyone in the community including parents and families are respected and valued along with being able to-

  • Provide feedback, suggestions and share their opinion on operations and making them seamless for the benefit of the community.
  • Be a part of the events and activities at the centre
  • Discuss their child’s progress with our early childhood educators
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