Quality Improvement Plan

In all early childhood education services around Australia, they will have a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). A QIP is how centres can self-assess their practices & how they are delivering quality education & care, this self-assessment is conducted in line with the National Quality Standard (NQS). A QIP is required by approved providers under the Education & Care Services National Regulations 2017 (regulation 55).

The QIP is beneficial to services who are going through assessment & rating. Assessment & rating is conducted based on your rating outcome. This can range from anywhere from one to four years, with services being able to request assessment & rating earlier than the due date. A service can be ranked from ‘exceeding’, ‘meeting’ & ‘working’ towards while also being able to apply for ‘excellence’.

You can find out your services ranking via www.acecqa.gov.au/resources/national-registers

What is in a Quality Improvement Plan?

A centres Quality Improvement Plan will contain the following information:

  • Assessment of the quality of the practices that the centre conducts, in line with the NQS & National regulations.
  • Identify any areas that the provider feels are strengths & also any improvements that the centre feels like they need.
  • Philosophy of the service.

A Quality Improvement Plan consists of the 7 quality areas:

  • Educational program & practice.
  • Children’s health & safety.
  • Physical environment.
  • Staffing arrangements.
  • Relationships with children.
  • Collaborative partnerships with families & communities.
  • Governance & leadership.

To find out more information on what the above seven quality areas are about, visit www.acecqa.gov.au/nqf/national-quality-standard

What Does This Mean For Families?

The QIP is a great way to see how your child’s centre is always trying to improve their practices. Each centre will have different ways to display their QIP but will always have it on show & available for families (as well as Educators & regulatory services) to view. The QIP is updated by services at least once yearly with input from Educators & families where see fit.

QIP’s are also a great way to provide feedback for families, each Centre appreciates the feedback by our families!

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