Our programs

Our aim is to enhance and build capacities to ensure that your children are ready to face what’s in store for them when they start school! We offer a range of fun-learning activities that are designed appropriately to help them grow.


Language Teaching (Mandarin & Hindi)

At Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre, we teach Mandarin and Hindi as a part of our curriculum in an interactive manner- through a variety of songs, games and stories. Australia is a multicultural country, and as we are moving towards being global citizens, adding another language and learning a different culture is a growth of many sorts. Not only does it enhance skills and memory, but it also deepens the connection with other cultures whilst being able to see the world through their eyes. Let’s teach them young to value cultures and traditions and intrigue them to be a part of the global community!

School Readiness Program

Our school readiness program is designed and structured as per the curriculum to help prepare your child for school. It widely focuses on literacy, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, and develops all necessary skills they need to be comfortable in a new environment when they grow up. Right from focusing on child’s wellness, academics, and creative expression, to developing a sense of identity, respect for the community and culture and allowing them to explore widely enough- this program helps them holistically.


Our experienced early childhood educators utilise the power of technology to make their learning interactive, engaging and intriguing. They use smart boards and online resources to ensure that the children at the centre reap the benefits of the innovative ways of learning. Our focus remains on helping the children acquire the skills that would help them in the future. Technology infuses classrooms with digital learning tools, and allows to have expansive offerings whilst accelerating learning and personalizing it at the same time.
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