About Us

Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre provides a nourishing environment wherein children are encouraged, looked-after, and taught to unleash their full potential. We offer developmental experiences to children in a safe environment where they can engage themselves in a range of fun and learning activities whilst being comfortable. Our purpose-built facilities cater to children in and around Prestons, aged from 0 to 7 years.

The staff at Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre is committed to make the space nurturing for children and contribute to their overall development by adopting mindful practices. Together we aim to make a difference, so that children in and around Prestons can embrace their interests, explore an array of activities and be a part of a diverse culture that we are proud of.

We offer various programs under the umbrella of Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre, including School Readiness Program, providing language lessons for Mandarin & Hindi through songs, games and stores, and interactive learning via technology, videos, apps, etc.

All these programs have been meticulously put together, to generate curiosity amongst children and incline them towards fun learning that helps them grow and builds them up for the school. We value multiculturalism, diversity, and respect individual beliefs and ensure that the children are surrounded by positivity always.

Rest assured these adorable and precious beings will be in the right hands, at Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre.

We respect diversity, and those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and continue to strive to make our centre a safe and nurturing place for the children of the community.

Respect for diversity….Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people as well

Feel free to have a look at our programs and contact us for more information!

Our Philosophy

Early learning is the foundation of your child’s education. Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre takes pride in being a renowned childcare centre in Prestons that acts as a building block for your child’s development.

We aim at bringing the best in every child so they can grow into wonderful human beings and exhibit values that make you proud as a parent. They are the light that conquers the darkness, and we love to make it brighter!

At Rainbow Hut Early Learning Centre, the programs enable children to prepare for the school as a part of the school readiness program. This includes but is not limited to fun-learning activities like alphabets, colors, numbers, public speaking, storytelling, and role play. Our early childhood educators are equipped with knowledge and experience, along with a heart that tends to children with love and affection. We have a dedicated space to indulge in group activities, explore the newest of the things, and make new friends.

It is the Reggio Emilia approach that guides us through to work towards achieving our mission of providing a nourishing and safe learning environment that not only inspires the children but also grows them into skillful human beings. Hence, we embrace the fact that children are capable to self-direct their learning and make sure to assist them at every step of the way. Being at a childcare centre means they learn through their regular interactions within the community that have a deep-rooted culture and values.

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