Family Communication

Partnerships with families permit for educators and parents to work and communicate collaboratively to give your child the best possible outcome for development. Therefore, at Rainbow Hut Early Learning we will communicate daily about your child and understand attitudes and expectations for your child’s development.

Communication and Newsletters

Each team member will talk to you about your child’s learning throughout the day so you know how your child is developing on a daily basis. You will receive your child’s room learning story via email daily, this can also be viewed in your child’s room. The Centre also publishes a weekly newsletter which includes photos, Centre updates, news and upcoming events.

Centre Events

Throughout the year at Rainbow Hut Early Learning, all families are provided with an opportunity to attend information evenings where you hear from our developmental specialists, our educators and learn about your child’s developmental progress.

Social events are also held at the Centre where you’ll meet other families and enjoy celebrations with your children. These include morning and afternoon teas, BBQs, celebrating special events on the calendar and many more.

XPLOR app and OWNA app

Rainbow Hut Early Learning uses a bespoke mobile application that is designed to allow busy families access to their children’s developmental portfolio in the comfort of their own home and in their own time.

The Family Lounge contains an online portfolio of your child’s work samples, learning stories, photos and developmental summaries that have been written by our Educators, just for your child.

At Rainbow Hut Early Learning the mobile application is a daily diary. This is uploaded daily and includes photos, videos and written observations so you can view the experiences and activities your child has participated in throughout the day. The daily diary is also available in each of the classrooms.

You can access the XPLOR app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and OWNA app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To find out more download the application or speak with your Centre Director.

Notice Boards

Notice boards are situated within centre. These contain information concerning community events, our weekly menu and weekly program. Please check these notice boards regularly so that you can remain a “well-informed” parent. Each of the rooms also contains a family information area where you will be able to view the activities of the day in the daily program.

An interpreter service is available for families who require it.

Communication Books

Each child in our baby groups, and toddlers on request, is issued with a book to provide an important link between parents and carers. We understand that you do not always have a lot of time at drop-off or collection, so these books allow messages to be shared between you and us. Amongst other things, we will note meals, sleeps and toilets through the day (most appropriate for babies and toddlers), and in case these things are not discussed on collection, you can refer back to it once you get home.

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